Surviving Setback: Don't Let a Bad Edit Ruin Your Self-Worth

career coaching career happiness company culture Mar 26, 2024

Are you letting someone else's opinion ruin your day?

Lately, I've been working with a client who is starting a job search, but is feeling discouraged and overwhelmed because her current job is doing Toxic Workplace Things. 

An insecure leader has gone into full Mean Girls mode and is scapegoating my client. 

(If you've never had this happen to you, take a second to thank whoever you think is holy because this is a horrific experience.)

I know because I've been there. 

And my client is suffering because of it. 

She's struggling with

  • Being productive at work
  • Maintaining her mental health
  • Sleeping at night
  • Remembering to eat
  • Being ABLE to eat, since her stomach is in knots. 
  • Owning her value as a professional
  • Owning her values as a HUMAN

We happened to be texting during an episode of the latest season of Survivor, and I realized something HUGE. 

My client is getting a bad edit from her leader.

This came to mind because I have a good friend, Liz Wilcox, who is on Survivor this season.

Right now, Liz is getting very little airtime. 

And in the first two episodes, she also got a harsh edit. 

So harsh that 95% of the people in the Survivor sub on reddit can't STAND her and want her voted off immediately. 

It's been a little bit better the last 2 episodes, but still. 

A lot of damage has been done as far as Survivor fans are concerned.

They've said she is

  • Annoying
  • Stupid
  • Autistic (weird flex, since that's not an insult, but yeah, I've seen it.)
  • Weak
  • A quitter in the making
  • Shouldn't be there because she has food allergies

And a whole bunch of other nonsense I'm not going to repeat. 

Millions of viewers are seeing this bad edit.

Many of them are slamming her on the Interwebs. 

And NONE of what they are saying is true. 

Liz is kind, empathetic, intelligence, strategic, and a brilliant leader. 

Sure, she can't eat any coconut or papaya, which presents a few problems, but yeah. She's pretty great. 

But you know what's really awesome?

Liz knows these things aren't true, and so do all the people who really matter to her. 

She isn't letting the CBS edit ruin her self-worth. 

So, the next time you feel like your career is a mess because

  • you got a bad review
  • your boss is acting like an ass
  • you got turned down for a job AGAIN
  • the Plastics won't let you sit with them at the lunch table

Please remember, you're just getting the opinion of a few people.

Don't let their edit impact your opinion of yourself. 

And for SURE don't let it hold you back from pursuing what you were meant to do. 

We need you to keep your torch lit, even when other people try to snuff it out. 

If you're ready to step away from the Tribal Council of a job that doesn't appreciate you, let's talk.  Click here to book a free intro call and learn more about my programs.