Be the boss of your tech career.

Career Alignment & Executive Coaching

It’s time to own your professional destiny.

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Be the boss of your tech career.

Career Alignment & Executive Coaching

It’s time to own your professional destiny.

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Work should feel good. Let’s transform your career together.

Align your life & livelihood

Life is too short to work at a meaningless job. Be the boss of your life and take control of your career with my personalized help.

Find work that feels good

Feel good and live well when you are doing the right work, for the right leaders, in the right work environment and culture - every single day. I can help you find all four.

Succeed on your terms

Together, we’ll create the conditions you need to thrive at work and in life — because when work is satisfying and rewarding, life feels great, too.

The Aligned Career Cornerstones: Work, Leadership, Environment, & Culture

Yes, you can love every aspect of your career.

Learn how to live a healthy, well-balanced life in a fulfilling, abundant career, because it’s absolutely possible. Maybe you’ve found yourself back-burning your goals and passions, building widgets and relying on data rather than your instincts and creativity. Or you might just need to make a change and aren’t sure exactly what you need - or what direction to go in.

My programs teach you these four cornerstones to look for in your work, whether you’re a business leader ready to level up or a career professional seeking your dream job. You deserve to get paid what you’re worth, enjoy a stellar work environment (whatever that looks like for you), and check off the most important boxes on your professional wishlist.

Life’s too short to be miserable at work. It’s okay to want what you want, especially when it comes to your career.

Ready to learn what’s possible for you? Need guidance to point you in the right direction? I’m here to help.

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Products and services

Change. Grow. Lead. Succeed.

Navigate a Job Search or Career Transition

Looking to make a career change? Facing an unexpected job loss? I can help you position yourself for a successful transition into a fulfilling new job.

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Design Your Next Career Move
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Resume + LinkedIn Support

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Skyrocket Your Career Growth

Ready for the next stage in your professional evolution? Let’s align your career goals with your personal development to co-create an exciting future trajectory.

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Professional Goal-Setting
  • Personal Development
  • Career Alignment and Growth

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Leadership & Executive Coaching

Leading a team? Whether it’s a handful of team members or a much larger organization, I’ll help you tackle workplace challenges and set personal development goals tailored to your executive or management role.

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Executive Performance
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Goal-Setting

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Business Consulting

Focused on strengthening your company’s performance, culture, growth, or organizational design? We’ll partner to address your unique needs.

  • Virtual or In-Person Consulting
  • Company Culture
  • Team Performance
  • Organizational Design
  • Business Strategy & Growth

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Hey there! I’m Diana.

What makes me a successful career alignment & executive coach? I understand the unique challenges and frustrations of career growth and leadership in the tech industry because I overcame them myself. With 20 years of experience in IT and proven expertise guiding professionals at all levels, I come alongside people like you to co-create work they love.

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May 17, 2024

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Client Reviews

What are people saying about working with me?

Melissa Hovanes
Senior Product Manager, Integrations

“Thanks to Diana’s guidance, I was able to land a promising new role that I’m truly excited about! She provides honest, straightforward, and detailed advice based on her extensive experience navigating corporate environments. Her no-BS approach is refreshing! If you’re looking for practical guidance and real results in your career, I highly recommend working with Diana.”

Mitch Goldstein
Agile Coach

“If you want the truth and a plan to fix your life as an employed person, Diane should be the first person to talk to. Her advice is heartfelt without being sentimental, and tough without being cruel. She tells it like it is and has the track record of success to back it up.”