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I help people who work in tech get ready to look for the right job for you at any time

YOU want.


What if you were ready to seize the perfect career opportunity for you today?

Without scrambling to update a resume at the last second? Or without applying for the exact same roles out of habit?

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Diana’s unique combo of IT experience and coaching skills was exactly what I needed when it was time for me to make a move a few years ago. Diana helped me identify what I needed to be happy in a new role, show my value, improve my personal brand, and execute my job search. I landed a better title and 70% raise! I meet with Diana at least once a year to keep my long-term career plans on track.

Bobby Pierce
Project Manager

When it was time for a career move after 18 years at the same company, I needed help. At first, I thought I’d just need to spruce up my resume and LinkedIn. Diana showed me there is more to the process than that. Through our work looking at my values, strengths, and motivators, I discovered that roles I thought I wanted are no longer at the top of the list! This work is worthwhile, but not easy, and Diana guided me through it with grace and humor.

Amy Pousson-Noonan
Product Manager

Diana is a gifted career strategy coach. She combines 20+ years as an A-player in the technology industry, deep insight into career development and effective job searches, and an intuitive ability to shift her client’s perspective to her craft to help people identify, pursue, and land work that works for their lives

Jeff Meyer
IT Staffing Company Owner



Career Design

Work with Diana 1:1 to learn how your strengths, values, and purpose will help you answer the age-old question “what do I want to be when I grow up?”

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Job Search Strategies

Work with Diana 1:1 to learn the most effective job search strategies -even during tough job market!

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LinkedIn Profile Hotseat

Diana will review your LinkedIn profile and tell you her top tips to make YOU stand out!

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