Be the boss of your career

Your dream job has never been closer– Let’s reach it together

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Be the boss of your career

Your dream job has never been closer– Let’s reach it together

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Own your professional destiny

Work with Diana to transform your career

Discover your dream job

Life is too short to work at a meaningless job. Be the boss of your life, and create your ideal career with my personalized help.

Find work that feels good

Feel good and live well when you are doing the right work, for the right leaders, in the right work environment and culture - every single day. I help you find all four.

Co-create your career

I coach people like you, because I’ve been you. I spent 20 years in IT, growing from entry level consultant to product development leader.

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Coming in early 2023!

Career Power

A supportive, immersive 12-month program for pros looking to finally discover, land, and thrive in their dream job. Work with Diana and a community of fellow pros.

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Starting at $160/session

Single strategy

Work privately one-on-one with Diana in a 25, 50, or 80 minute session to get clarity on your most pressing career and job search issues FAST.

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Starting at $1,700

1-on-1 coaching

Tap into my signature, proven 1-on-1 private coaching programs: Career Design, where we get clear ASAP on your ideal role; and Job Search Strategies, where I help you execute a successful job search.

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Start with our DIY solutions. Get Diana's templates, workbooks, and guides to career success.

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Hey there! I’m Diana

What makes me a successful career coach? I started at the bottom and worked my way up to success, which means I’ve been in your shoes. I understand the challenges and frustrations because I overcame them myself.

I was barely out of college when I had to navigate the dot-com bubble and subsequent crash of 2000. My competition had more experience than me, which meant in that volatile bear market, I had to be smarter, faster, and more strategic if I wanted to pull ahead in the cutthroat tech industry. I spent the next nineteen years deep in the IT trenches wearing many hats — product manager, project manager, business analyst, tester, developer.

I learned how to network and seek out roles that gave me the knowledge and experience to increase my worth (and get paid accordingly for it)… all without wasting time staying afloat at dead-end jobs or sending out hundreds of applications. Now, I help clients apply those same lessons to bolster their own careers.

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What if you were primed and ready to get the PERFECT career opportunity?

Without scrambling to update a resume at the last second? Or without applying for the exact same roles out of habit? I teach people these types of tips and strategies in my FREE Facebook Community. If you are ready to stop worrying and start preparing, you belong there.

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The Aligned Career Cornerstones: Work, Leadership, Environment, & Culture

Learn how to live a healthy, well-balanced life in a fulfilling career that pays you what you’re worth. My programs teach you these four cornerstones to look for in your next career move. No more settling for a sub-par environment or lackluster company culture in exchange for a paycheck — you deserve more than that! I’ll help you define your goals and seek out the types of jobs that check off every single box on your wish list. You can (and should) love every aspect of your career.

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