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Level up your career and leadership skills while aligning life and livelihood.

Arjun Reddy
Technology Enablement Consultant

“Diana will work hard to understand where you are at, find out where you want to go, and offer real-world solutions and ideas to move your career forward. Each meeting is a working session - and you come out of it with actionable, attainable items for your career.”

Starting at $650/mo

Monthly Coaching Retainer

Are you ready to excel at work in a way that respects your values and personal needs?

Wondering whether you’re serving your colleagues and organization in the ways they deserve?

You don’t want to ruin your relationships, compromise your health, or ignore your values to be successful at work. At the same time, you don’t want to leave your colleagues, clients, and company in the lurch because you’ve taken your eye off the ball.

When you work with me 1:1, we’ll figure out what moves you need to make to holistically align your life and career so you can thrive. We’ll also create an action plan that helps you stay on track with short- and long-term personal and professional goals.

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Single Strategy Session

Need guidance on how to make an important leadership decision? Looking for help resolving a conflict with a team member or addressing a pressing workplace problem? Schedule a single coaching session with me to assess the issue and determine your next steps.

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Executive VIP Alignment Days

Need an in-depth, intensive coaching session to dig deep into your professional and personal goals? My VIP Alignment Days offer a focused coaching experience that helps you determine your next 3-5 leadership moves in a half- or full-day session.

During your VIP day, we’ll dig deep into your leadership, career, and personal goals, as well as the challenges you’re experiencing. By the end of your session, you’ll walk away with clear goals and action items that will help you take your next steps forward with confidence. Then, 1-2 weeks afterward, you’ll get a recap call where you can ask any questions you may have.

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Need a customized solution? Let’s talk.

Searching for a service that better fits your situation and needs? I’m always happy to discuss custom services tailored to your leadership goals. Together, we’ll craft an individualized solution based on your unique professional path.

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Client Reviews

What are people saying about working with me?

Jeff Mockaitis
Senior Technical Sales Leader

“I sought Diana’s help to prepare for a significant upcoming promotion. I expected we'd work on improving my understanding of subject matter, management and leadership. What I got was so much more. Through working with Diana, I understand my whole self better - including how the non-work related areas of my life (family, health, volunteer work) can impact your performance. Diana is incredibly knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics related to preparing for a new job. She will help you uncover the true meaning in your work. She will challenge you to think through the what, why, and how of the most important things to prepare you for initial and long-term success.”

Jeff Meyer
Talent Acquisition Executive and Partner at Covenant Consulting

“Diana is in the top 1% of coaches I’ve ever known. She brings wisdom and directness to her clients that is unparalleled. Diana has served as my executive coach and a strategic advisor for my company for several years, and in that time she has guided me and my team to decisions that both improved culture and skyrocketed our business growth.”