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Custom-made coaching, services, and digital products by Diana to help you prep for and land the right role for you, your unique skills and strengths. Gain career confidence and know that you are pursuing, landing, and thriving in the exact right role for YOU and your unique skill sets.

Coming in Early 2023!

Career Power Accelerator

Career Power Accelerator was built to help you navigate an entire career transition–from “I think I want a change,” all the way to your first 90 days in the new job. This powerful program will help you strategize and target your ideal job and workplace, search for the right job, and successfully navigate the first three months of onboarding, with a fully supportive curriculum, coaching and community.

The average job search time alone for professionals takes 4-6 months. (The higher on the food chain, the longer it can take.) Add in figuring out your target job, preparing for your search, executing the search search, starting the new role, and onboarding and the whole process can easily take more than nine months.

With Career Power Accelerator, you can access the best of my resources, coaching and community to prepare for and land the right job – for a whole year. You won’t lose out if you need to take a break due to illness, getting busy at work, holidays, or life.

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Starting at $1,700

1-on-1 coaching programs

Need to really clear, really fast about your next career move? Let's talk through my Career Design 1-on-1 programs, where I help you go from uncertain to pinpointing 1-3 target roles that align your values, experience, strengths, and personal needs.

Need to execute a successful job search for your target role? That's my Job Search Strategies customized 1-on-1 programs, a combination of 1:1 coaching with me, customized homework, and resources to help you find your dream role.

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Starting at $160/session

Single Strategy Sessions

Faced with a fork in the road when it comes to your career? Not sure what your next right move looks like? A one-on-one coaching session with Diana can help you get to an immediate path of clarity. I’ll listen to your highest-priority burning questions, and help you with real insights, clarity, and personalized help on your career situation. Book a private one-on-one strategy session to get highly personalized-to-you help from Diana.

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Do-It-Yourself Resources

Get Diana’s Rock Your Resume Digital Workshop for expert clarity and guidance on your next step: the formidable resume. Resumes are scary no longer! Create irresistible resume content and land your ideal job. Coming soon: a library of templates, guides and workbooks to help you build career success.

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The Aligned Career Cornerstones: Work, Leadership, Environment, & Culture

Learn how to live a healthy, well-balanced life in a fulfilling career that pays you what you’re worth. My program will teach you these four cornerstones to look for in your next career move. No more settling for a sub-par environment or lackluster company culture in exchange for a paycheck — you deserve more than that! I’ll help you define your goals and seek out the types of jobs that check off every single box on your wish list. You can (and should) love every aspect of your career.

Custom Service

Need a more tailored approach? Let’s chat.

My services are designed for an individualized plan based on your unique career path and goals, but maybe you’re looking for more. If so, kudos! You’re already thinking like a boss. If you want to work on career strategy but you're not seeking a new job, this is the place to be!

I’m happy to discuss custom services that will suit your needs. Click the button below and fill out a short form to get started. I will respond to your request within 48 hours.

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